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  1. Willamette Week

    Is There a Good Way to Bring an Out-of-State Cannabis Company into Oregon?
    Willamette Week
    It's still illegal to bring cannabis across state lines. That's true even if it's legal in both states. But Botanica's Lena... Botanica is one of the biggest edibles companies in Washington, with products in 250 stores including Mr. Moxey's Mints, the ...

  2. New York Times

    The Hermès of Marijuana
    New York Times
    Mr. Campbell hopes to change that with Beboe, an upscale line of cannabis vaporizers and edible pastilles that he founded with Clement Kwan, a former fashion executive, that caters to design-savvy professionals who value premium goods manufactured ...

  3. Forbes

    Cannabis Companies Find More Customers That Want Less THC
    The standard dose or serving of marijuana is 10mg of THC, and edible products like cookies, chocolates and mints are labeled so users can know how much they are consuming. But it's tricky with cannabis according to Eileen Namanny, marketing manager of ...

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