Edible Pastilles

Infused with Cannabis

Mints, Chocolates, and much more!...

Changing tastes from bitter to sweet!..




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  1. The MERRY JANE Gift Guide to Celebrity-Endorsed Stoner Swag  MERRY JANE

    Looking for last-minute presents for the holidaze? We've got you covered. Embrace this list of ganja gear from celebrity heavy hitters, and you'll be smoking like...

  2. One Man's High  improper.com

    I've been an unapologetic pot smoker for my entire adult life. I've never tried to hide it and, thankfully, never had a run-in with police prior to 2008, when...

  3. Legal weed is creating a market for luxury pot: Here are 4 companies trying to cash in with high-end candy, coffee and skin care  CNBC

    Beboe is a California-based luxury cannabis line that some have called the "Hermes of Marijuana." The company was founded by celebrity tattoo artist Scott...

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